Hello dear Guests!


Welcome to the english section of our website.

For your convenience, here are some quick facts about our business:


Neustadt 20
6800 Feldkirch


Café + Bar:

Tuesday - Thursday:   08:30 to 24:00
Friday + Saturday:   8:30 to 02:00

A Wholehearted breakfast with
excellent coffee or rather
a pleasant chat in the afternoon?
Refuelling energy for people walking by
and shoppers on their way.

Superb wine and liquor selection featuring
harmonic beats and folksy people -
the perfect combination for after work hours.


Tuesday - Saturday:  11:30 to 14:30 and 18:00 to 23:00

Fresh, seasional dishes cooked with regional
produce in harmony with fine dining ambience.

Culinary Experience

Naturally, we at Dogana Gastronomy would like to offer our foreign visitors
the same food an beverage selection as we provide our native guests.

Feel free to download them in advance or choose on-site.

Kitchen Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday:   08:30 to 23:30
Friday + Saturday:   8:30 to 00:30


Restaurant Menu:

11:30 to 13:45 and 18:00 to 21:45

Should you have any concerns with allergic ingredients, please contact our service saff.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking a table in advance -
Especially if you are a larger group or plan to visit us during peak time or weekend


+43 (0)5522 75126

Please inform us about your number of guests, your estimated time of arrival
and where you want your reservation to be located: Restaurant, Café or Bar/Lounge

Family Gallaun and the Dogana staff wishes
you a pleasant stay at our place!